Cheap sectional sofas and best sectional sofas reviews 2016

Cheap sectional sofas and best sectional sofas reviews 2016. Reviews, top picks and guides to buy best cheap sectional sofas available discount 70%. Why do we need to get the best sectional sofa? How to choose the best cheap sectional sofas? Factors to consider when buying cheap sectional sofas?

More than ever, people are becoming more engaged and attentive in buying their home furniture. Gone are the days when a person could easily find someone who would simply buy something that is just merely functional and within budget constraints. People are now more active in seeking the kind of furniture that would emphasize their style or at least complement their house’s design and layout. To date, cheap sectional sofas are increasingly finding their way into the homes of millions of people. People have their own reasons for buying house furniture, but mainly because of comfort. And because of the increasing popularity and demand of sectionals, the options for homeowners are also gleefully numerous.

Comfort is indeed a very big reason why people are buying sectionals nowadays. Most sectional sofas are amply-cushioned, which enhances the plush feel of any home. Plus, there are additional parts of a sectional that really take comfort to a new level. With a chaise lounge and an ottoman that are usually as well-cushioned as a traditional sofa, staying at home has never been better.

Because individuals are also getting better information about design and layout, they are also looking at sectionals as a very good way of adding a little oomph in their style. Also, these upholsteries also add a touch of modern look into any household and can basically fit into any kind of room as there are literally hundreds of options in the market with varying sizes and style.

Above all, sectional sofas are getting people’s attention because they allow people to personalize their style based on their layout or design and not the other way around. Sectionals often come with U-shaped or L-shaped designs and would easily fit in corners. In case of very large rooms, they are also fantastic in their abilities to fill in space. By getting into different combinations, one can also alter the space the sectional sofas occupy and increase the versatility of the owner when it comes to decorating the house.

One such indicator of the rising attention home furniture is getting from owners is the steady and impressive increase of cheap sectional  sofas. As one may know, sectional sofas are also called segmented sofas as they usually come with different pieces, normally 3 or 5 of them. Quite obviously, the more pieces you have at your disposal, the more combinations you have and the more versatility you possess in getting your desired style.

Why do we need to get the best sectional sofa?cheap sectional sofas - best sectional sofas image 1

A person looking for the best sectional couch possesses two vast choices where to decide on. These experts can get conventional sets from suppliers, or even agreement a furniture company to create the seats. There are many benefits from having one in your home. The very first and most apparent quality is that the sofa makes the living room seem fancy and also stylish. Sectional sofas successfully use the readily available room area. These experts may fit perfectly in our home without leaving behind any kind of area to junk. Finally, the sectionals are a price efficient approach of equipping the living room. The moment the sectionals remain in place, an individual does certainly not must buy various other furnishings items like benches, sofa collections or loveseats.

How to choose the best cheap sectional sofas?

A common mistake that first-time sectional sofa buyers make is that they do not research. All that they know is that they are in need of one. Without giving it a second thought, they rush to purchase the first couch that appeal to them. The whimsical goddess of fate might smile one some of them, and they might just end up getting quality sofas. Others might not be as fortunate and end up getting inferior quality sectionals. A smart shopper would first consider a number of factors before making the purchase decision. By doing so, they will be guaranteed of getting the best sofas.

Factors to consider when buying cheap sectional sofas

One of the things that a person will need to consider is the available space where they want to put the couch. It should fit well in that space. If the area is gigantic, getting a big sectional sofa will be appropriate. However, if the room is small buying an equally small sofa would suffice. Determining the right size fit might require taking actual measurements of the available room space. Most people make the mistake of picking sizes based on how the sofa fits on the showroom floor. A showroom floor might make a couch appear smaller or bigger than it is. In order to avoid making a mistake, the precise room dimensions should be used to guide the buyer to the right size of furniture.

Ideally, good sectional sofas are supposed to last long. If well taken care of, good quality sectional sofas can last for years before getting damaged. It should be of superior quality. When talking about quality, there are a number of things that one needs to consider. The wood used to make the sofa should be sturdy and firm while the upholstery should be highly resistant to wear and tear. Quality also refers to the structural condition of the furniture. It should not be weak or unstable. One way to ascertain whether the sofa is structurally sound is by lifting the piece at one corner. If the couch twists or squeaks then it might have structural issues. However, if it remains level, then it has a stable structure. Pressing different sections of the couch will also help to identify if it wobbles or not.

A common feature of sectional sofas is that they have armrests positioned either on the right side of the seat or the left side. As such, it can either be a right arm facing or a left arm facing. It is important to know the orientation of the armrests because this will determine if the furniture will be ideal for the room or not.

Sectional sofas come in varied designs. There are those which are L-shaped while others are U-shaped. Some have a semi circle shape or even curved backs. A person should determine which model would be right for them. The buyer’s choice would be as a result of two factors; whether the house has got corners or not, and the buyer’s tastes and preference.

Sectional sofas do not just vary in terms of design, but also in terms of style. Their style greatly influences their use and application. There are those that are straight and long while others bend. The typical styles include; the chaise lounge attached sofa, the sleeper, the recliner and the circular styles. Each of these styles is designed to provide certain benefits to the user. For instance, the chaise lounge sectional sofa has a recliner that doubles up as additional seating space. The sleeper sectional chair can be used as a seat and also as an extra place for overnight guests to spend the night.

Nearly all sectional sofas are covered using upholstery. The good thing about upholstery is that they come in varied color shades and materials. Upholstery can be of velvet, leather, or any other desirable fabric. It is important to ensure that the upholstery is of good quality. When examining the upholstery, there are a number of things that one should ascertain. First of all the color of the upholstery fabric should be one that blends well with the room meant for the sofa. It should complement the house paint as well as other pieces of furniture that are in that room. The upholstery material also needs to be highly resistant to wear and tear. So far, the leather upholstery type has proven to be the best. Leather is quite convenient especially if one has got kids or pets in the house.

Sectional sofas are supposed to be comfortable when sat on. It goes without saying that comfort is indeed one-factor worth considering. Manufacturers use stuffed cushions to create the cushy feel of the seats. Materials used to stuff the cushions include cotton wool, foam, and other soft materials. The type of material used to fill the pillow will significantly affect the degree of comfort as well as the durability of the cushion. High-density foam has proven to be a quite efficient stuffing material for maintaining the desired comfort. Fiber and cotton wool, on the other hand, are only active when new. After being used for some time, they stop bouncing back and instead form a depression. A person who hopes to get the good sofas should go for high-density foam cushions.

In order to ensure that it can hold up to wear and tear, they are fitted with springs. The spring helps to make the seat more comfortable and stable. In case the spring is poorly placed, then the quality will be compromised and with time the sofa might cave in. However, well-done handiwork will ensure that the seat lasts long. There is a simple way for a person buying sectional sofas to determine the quality of the spring system used. If the spring consists of webbed bands attached to the frame of the couch, the sofa is not bound to last. Reliable spring systems are the sinuous wire known as S- type system and the hand tied eight way system. Most furniture vendors would be more than willing to educate the buyer about the springing system used.

As mentioned before, the sectional sofas consist of separate pieces of furniture. The pieces should fit correctly together. The frames used to make sectional pieces need to be of the same height and quality to ensure that they do not bend or warp. It could be quite disappointing if someone bought it only to realize after some time, that the frames are no longer of the same height. Another factor that the buyer should consider is the way the sectional pieces fit together. The mechanisms used need to be secure and firm to ensure that they provide the much-needed compression to hold the pieces intact.

It would be unrealistic to talk about buying the best sectional sofa without making reference to the cost factor. Different sectional sofas have varying prices due to a number of reasons. The cost drivers include the size of the couch, the materials used, the design, the style and the manufacturer of the furniture. Larger ones will cost more than an identical but smaller sized sofa. A buyer should first determine a budget range of the amount that they are able and willing to spend. The idea is not to go for the cheapest sofa, but rather to go for the seat that provides the most value. If a person desires a couch that is out of their budget range, they could consider saving up more money. An alternative option could be to compromise on a few features about the couch and settle for one that is within their budget range.

A proven way of getting the best sectional sofa is by purchasing from experienced and reliable vendors. Since such providers have been operating in the industry for long, they have gathered enough skills to produce quality sectional sofas that the buyer will love. There are a number of ways through which a person can locate such suppliers. For instance, one could look at the vendor’s websites and go through the customer reviews and ratings. In most cases, clients who have had pleasant experiences with the providers will be more than willing to put in a good word for them. If the reviews are negative, the buyer will be better off if they considered buying from a different vendor. However, if the reviews are favorable then by all means a person should go ahead and purchase from them.

A person should also consider the terms of the seller. One should find out if the acquisition includes any special offers such as warranties. Most reliable furniture companies provide warranties for their products. The warranties cover elements such as cracking or splitting of the wood and frame, breaking of the spring system, and wearing out of the cushions. A product that has a warranty assures the buyer of the quality of the sofa. It also gives the customer peace of mind since they know that in the event of an eventuality covered by the warranty occurring, he or she has recourse to take.

Last but not least the upholstery fabric should be easy to clean and maintain. The buyer needs to look at the tailoring of the sectional sofa fabric. Its seams and piping should be even and well lined. The stitches should also be neat and professionally done.

Even though following all these steps might seem like a tiring thing to do, it is worth it. There are many benefits that the buyer will enjoy by doing so. For starters, the buyer will get furniture that not only look good, but are of superior quality as well. The customer gets assurance of acquiring the right piece that is ideal for their home. The exercise will also help the buyer gain a better understanding of the sectional sofa and how to take care of it. Last but not least, the buyer will also have an idea of what a fair price for the sectional sofa is. As a result, he or she is unlikely to overpay when buying the piece of furniture.

Components of Sectional Sofas

A big part of sectional sofas include the game of mixing and matching. Although a trial and error method is another way and probably the most common way of getting things done as far as getting the right combination is concerned, understanding the components of sectional sofas is the best and smoothest way of getting things done. They may come in different sizes or even styles, but what literally join these parts together is an interlocking device that provides homeowners the kind of versatility that is hard to match by any other furniture. Here are the components:

Corner Units

It would be very hard for cheap sectional sofas to attain the kind of popularity they have now if not for the presence of corner units. Since segmented sofas make a living by mostly occupying corner areas and in making the most out of confined spaces, these units are quite indispensable. When used together with a regular sofa design, they add versatility and pizzazz to an otherwise traditional style. More importantly, sectional sofas are so named or categorized in relation to corner units.

Individual Seats

These make up the main parts of a sectional sofa and are combined together with the other parts for the best effect and style. Home owners have a wide range of options regarding the size, design, and materials that make up the individual seats.


The arm is one of the most important factors in a sectional sofa as most labels are based on which side the arm is located. It is really significant since you will be combining components together, and having the correct arm is paramount for the sectional to work as part of the room’s layout or structure.


Easily called the average Joe’s footstool since it is an armless or a backless seat that people often rest their feet upon, the ottoman may or may not come with the purchase of a sectional sofa. A good number of sectional sofas do include the ottoman though. Whether it is purchased together with the sectional or not, it certainly gives you a more personalized approached to your style. It could certainly work together with the sectionals to form a sensational sofa bed or by itself could be used as another cushioned seat. Ottomans can also be made from different materials like leather and is a very common sight in any home.

Chaise Lounge

Easily the single most prominent part of a sectional sofa is the chaise lounge. Called the long chair by many, the chaise lounge is certainly made for reclining and can also be described as a chair and a footstool all rolled into one. Again, they can be made from different materials and are superb in adding comfort and luxury to a traditional sofa. Now that the components have been introduced and explained a little bit, what the sectional sofas are made of is a natural topic homeowners must at least try to get acquainted with in order to get a better idea of what kind of sectional to get. First of all, sofas are one of the most used and abused furniture found in the home so owners have to take into consideration several factors before deciding what kind of material to go for in their upholstery. A household that has kids and pets running all around should stay away from materials that could easily tear because of these potential hazards. It makes perfect sense to stay away from materials like silk if the tenants in the house are sure to cause havoc on the furniture.

Types of Sectional Sofas

The type of sectional sofa is almost always determined by the material that it is made of. Most of the time, materials are a huge selling point for upholstery companies for a huge number of people base their choices according to the kind of materials that make up a sectional sofa. People choose sectionals based on their resistance to climate, wear and tear, or other characteristics like mite or dust free.

Fabric Sectional Sofa

Fabric sectional sofa encompasses a wide range since there are so many materials from which a sectional can be made of. Here are some of the popular options:


It is a material that is very dependent on its weave. The closer the weave is, the more resistant this material is to wear and tear. It looks very nice, but attracts dirt and dust like no other.


Linen is more or less a better version than cotton since it does not have the extent of the latter’s dust and dirt gathering tendencies. It is about as strong as cotton, which means that it could do very well in a house without pets.


This is a material that is best known for its form rather than its substance. It is very nice to look at and even feel, but admittedly not the most durable of sectional sofas. The material is certainly not built for an active crowd or for dogs and cats.


Microfiber is one of the technology’s best contributions to upholstery. It is strong enough for rowdy parties and can definitely hold up for long when used in a house with pets. More importantly, this fabric sectional sofa is easy to clean, is not as expensive as other materials, and does not attract things like a dog’s hair, dust, or dirt.

Faux Leather

This is one of the most common and popular materials circulating on the market today. It is very attractive to some people because it looks very nice and almost feels like real leather. This material is significantly cheaper than genuine leather, easy to clean, and extremely durable since it is made of polyurethane. This is exactly the kind of material needed by a family with active children and even more active pets.


Acrylic is a favorite among people who require their cheap sectional sofas to be resistant to almost anything, whether man-made or animal-made. It is even good enough to withstand the fading effects of direct sunlight.

Leather Sectional Sofa

Leather should technically be under the domain of fabric sectional sofa. However, because it is the material that is considered the best before people started varying their options based on a multitude of factors, leather deserves its own section. One of the reasons why it became so popular was because it is very durable and actually looks and feels way better as it ages. The leather’s Achilles heel is its susceptibility to sharp things, which makes them vulnerable to pets. People have also noted this material’s gummy feel when used in humid conditions.

Wood Sectional Sofa

Wood sectional sofa is very much synonymous with outdoor sectional sofa. These are the upholstery you need when intended for use outside of the house. They are sometimes made of bamboo or wicker. Durability is essentially a part of their nature. It should also be noted that outdoor sectional sofas are sometimes made of aluminum.


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